JOKES –(W….I….F…E)

JOKES –(W….I….F…E)


A small argument between a couple turns violent.
            Husband says: Don’t let the animal in me come out.
            Wife replies: Who’s afraid of a mouse!!!

            If wife wants husband’s attention,  she just has to look sad & uncomfortable.
            If husband wants wife’s attention, he just has to look comfortable & happy.

            A Philosopher HUSBAND said:- Every WIFE is a ‘Mistress’ of her Husband…
            “Miss” for first year & “Stress” for rest of the life…

            Do you remember the tingling feeling when you took the decision to get married? 

            That was common sense leaving your body.

            Pappu: Dad, l got selected for a role in a play for annual day!

            Dad: What role are you playing?

            Pappu: A husband! 

            Dad: Stupid, ask for a rolewith dialogues!

            Man outside phone booth: “Excuse me you are holding phone since 29 minutes and you haven’t spoken a word”.
            Man inside: “i am talking to my wife”

            A very intelligent girl was asked the meaning of marriage.. 

          She said- “sacrificing the admiration of hundred guys, to face the criticism of one idiot”

            Position of a husband is just like a Split AC, No matter how loud he is outdoor, He is designed to remain silent indoor!

            Listening To your Wife…is like reading terms & conditions of a website. You understand nothing but still click on “I AGREE”

            The sweetest msg –
            Husband to wife : U should learn to embrace ur mistakes…..
            She hugged him tightly……  









I am young man of 77+ years

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One comment on “JOKES –(W….I….F…E)
  1. preeti કહે છે:

    last one is superb 😀 😀 😀

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